Is this Lisa of Blackpink?

COVID-19 made me do this! This is far from perfect but I am starting to unlock the hidden talents in me! Please enjoy!

The World Will Not Stop for a Girl with a Broken Heart

Hey you! I know that your heart was torn into pieces. I know you have been crying all night thinking about the good and the bad times. I know it is hard to let go and forget. I know you are not okay. But it will be alright. It will be fine. Life must go…

Purple Night

Life has its twists and turns. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. But one thing is for sure, there is you and me in this world.

What’s Up?

Hey! It is been a while WordPress! I’m sorry I have been on long hiatus since I last posted something here. What’s up? I am still alive and to be honest, I miss you! Last year was a different year, I came back home and has finally decided to leave my job in Dubai. It…


Originally posted on Tooting Thoughts:
Why do we love still Even when it hurts? Why do we even care When it doesn’t matter? Why do we hope Knowing how it ends? Why do we still long Knowing they’ll never return? Why do we linger On the memories of the past? Why do we reminisce The…

The Truth About Me Becoming an Ice

I’m just tired… Tired of meeting new people again. Tired of investing my time and emotions to a person who never really cared. Tired of hoping that someone will reciprocate my feelings. Tired of consoling myself when the day comes when that someone realizes that I am not his choice. Tired of picking up myself…


Please do not expect me to accept you again, I have no intention of knowing you once more. Stay where you are and please accept that it will never be the same again. I am so much better now and I deserve my peace!  

I Cannot Think of Any Appropriate Title

It takes a million of compliments to build you up and one insult to send it all to crashing down. Hey you! I know that in your eyes I am just a mere peasant, a modern day slave, a person without value or worth, an additional weight on your shoulders, another individual to feed. I…